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Who Is Vandarray Jackson 

    Vandarray is a gifted, enthusiastic singer, author, songwriter, Apostle/Pastor, and TV personality whose lyrics are a vivid mirror of her amazing life. Her own trials and tribulation have led her to a courageous place of hope where she can convey, with more confidence than ever, the everlasting faith she has in God.

The Beginning

    Introduced to the gospel music industry by Stellar Award winning artist Vickie Winans, Vandarray emits a similar wit, charm and business acumen as that of her “superwoman” mentor. Vandarray’s radiant spirit is magnetic and unforgettable, and so is her music and books. It’s the trials and triumphs she’s experienced that resonates in stirring melodies like “I Made It” and “Wounded But Not Defeated” which is her latest single and title track from her new released book “Wounded But Not Defeated”.  


Her Works

     Vandarray's book published by Tate Publishing is a depict testimony of her life. She expresses through book and song how you can come out, “You may have been Wounded But you are not defeated”, is her story. The single was Penned by Vandarray and produced by Marlon Stokes aka MD Stokes. His experience working with James fortune, Ernest Pugh, and Jennifer Hudson has given him a wider view and range for the song Wounded But Not Defeated. Khristian Dentley from the Grammy Award winning group, Take 6, produced “I Made It” and it quickly became Vandarray’s personal testimony to an unfortunate event that no one could have foreseen.



Her Testimony

     In March 2012, while traveling from a funeral in South Carolina with her daughters, Vandarray was involved in a tragic accident that almost claimed her life and left one daughter in a coma. Vandarray was cut out of the car and airlifted to a hospital in Augusta, Georgia while her daughter was rushed to another hospital for specialized care. Miraculously, Vandarray and her daughter recovered. And, just like she overcame domestic abuse and other perils, Vandarray stands victorious today, alive and well, proclaiming “I was wounded but not defeated.” 

     A native of Upstate New York and raised in Ridgeland, South Carolina, Vandarray is the daughter of an Apostolic Church of God in Christ bishop. With her father also being pastor, Vandarray grew up with a steadfast reverence of God and a great love of music which she put to good use as choir director and as a member of the group Jackson 5 Gospel Singers. Affectionately known as Pastor V, Vandarray later moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she started her own ministry and became well known in the community as host of “The Vandarray Show.” In support of the community that adores her, Vandarray has prepared home-cooked meals for the homeless and has supported many causes such as the Haitian Earthquake Relief. With a compassionate heart, Vandarray says, “I want people to know that in spite of any adverse circumstances, they are loved.”

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