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Hi I’m Vandarray the author of "Wounded But Not defeated” the book, song and play. I’m now embarking on "Wounded But Not Defeated" the movie. We’re anticipating this movie to be one of the best inspirational and life changing movies made in 2019.

The movie is bound to make you laugh, cry, and keep you on the edge of your seat. The message is captivating and life changing; it showcases the life of a pastor, wife, mother, and singer that almost lost sight of her dreams after being overwhelmed by ministry & family. Her marriage and family is on the edge and she is wondering has she become so heavenly bound that she is no longer earthly good. 

As an independent film maker, I need your financial support to reach our $10000 budget. Your financial contributions will help this movie be a success.

  1. As an appreciated for your contribution of $100 or more; we will include your name on our social media sites. ( & and our Facebook fan page.)


  2. Supporters of $500 or more will be invited to our private pre- showings and names will also go the credits along with a copy of the book & single “Wounded But Not Defeated.”


  3. You can also contribute by purchasing the play, book and song today at  or

  4. WVAN747.COM.


    Please know that all donations and contribution of any size is welcome.

The book, play and song was just the beginning; the movie is going to start a movement letting the world know “we maybe wounded but we are not defeated.” WBND2018-We Made it.

Thank you for your Support,



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